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How Does Lean Manufacturing Eliminate Waste?

By cataloging all the steps in your production process and supply chain, lean manufacturing attempts to identify and eventually eliminate the inefficient steps that impede productivity, increase costs, and disrupt schedules.

One such inefficiency is overproduction, which produces more goods than you can sell. You’re stuck with holding the finished goods until they can be sold, even assuming that can happen. This increases storage costs, blocks cash flow, and ties up capital, raw materials, finished products, and resources that may be more productively used elsewhere.

How Overproduction Happens

Overproduction often happens due to five main reasons:

·      Unreliable processes that fail unpredictably or produce results that are hard to predict.

·      Batch sizes are too large to manage efficiently.

·      Unstable schedules that affect the efficiency of processes.

·      Unbalanced cells or departments that are too small in some areas or too large in others.

·      Inaccurate information that leads to incorrect product forecasts and schedules.

All these reasons tie into issues with preparation through activities that do not enhance value and increase waste. Lean manufacturing aims to solve these issues.

How Lean Manufacturing Eliminates Waste

One of the guiding principles of lean manufacturing is to identify all the steps needed to produce the final product.

·      By value stream mapping this flow on one sheet, you can better identify procedures that are inefficient and wasteful and eliminate them to smooth out the flow.

·      With the continuous improvement of your processes, you can improve productivity, change production time from months to weeks, save money for you and the customer, boost profits, and increase customer satisfaction.

Managing C-Parts with Bossard

Managing your C-parts like screws, nuts, and bolts is critical to creating a lean production system that increases efficiency. As one of the leading specialists in the production of fasteners, we are experts in this area of production. To eliminate overproduction and other costly mistakes in the manufacturing process, we deliver to you years of knowledge and experience with our Bossard Smart Factory Logistics services and systems.

To find out how our logistics improvement technology can work for your application, please contact us at ProvenProductivity@bossard.com.

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January 22, 2021

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