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Features of the Accuride® 9300 Series

Bossard is proud to present premium ball-bearing slides crafted by Accuride® International. These high-quality, engineered products work efficiently with a wide range of inventory control applications ranging from storage onboard vehicles in transit to stationary storage cabinets. The 9300 series, forged for heavy-duty movement solutions, has the following features:

  • RoHS compliant
  • Accommodates heavy duty loads rated up to 600 pounds with lengths up to 60 inches and widths of 42 inches
  • Options available to lock in place open (lock-in) or lock closed (lock-out)
  • Disengage the slides that lock with a simple press of a tab when you want to open or close the drawer
  • Offers convenient access to all your drawers contents with the full-extension three-member design
  • Non-disconnecting design
  • Mounts flat or on the side for maximum flexibility in your design
  • Shock absorbing silencing bumper smooths and refines movement while lowering impact noise when closing the drawer
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

We offer the following 9300 models:

  • 9301E: This slide handles mobile loads up to 360 pounds and stationary loads up to 600 pounds. This slide does not lock in or out unless you add the optional Accuride® CBHANDLE Kit.  AWI and BHMA compliant.   
  • 9307E: This slide features a front latch lock-out that keeps drawers and trays in an open position for extended access over time. The enhanced spring and lever design improves reliability with repeated use.
  • 9308E: To secure vehicle compartments in an opened or closed position this slide also integrates a lock-out feature, as well as a lock-in feature to ensure drawers stay closed during transit.
  • 9308-E5: This two-slide set consists of the 9308E with its lock-in and lock-out feature and the 9301E.
  • 9322E: Created with pocket and bayonet mounting, providing tool-less installation. For non-locking motion.
  • 9328E: Also featuring pocket and bayonet mounting for easy installation, this slider locks in and out through a front-latch release.

For more information about the Accuride 9300 Series, email us at provenproductivity@bossard.com today.

Features of the Accuride® 9300 Series by
May 01, 2020

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