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Comparing and Contrasting SmartBin Cloud and SmartLabel Cloud

If you’re looking for a way to automatically track your stock or install a smart inventory system, Bossard would like to introduce our SmartBin Cloud and SmartLabel Cloud options. Both can increase your efficiency and enhance your profitability.


The SmartBin Cloud connects a bin to a weight sensor, forming an independent entity used anywhere in your facility. It works well if you do not have a storage system set up for your stock or are thinking of changing your current system to something else.

By using motion-triggered weight sensors, the SmartBin Cloud automatically tracks the stock inside the bin at every use (pick or refill). When the stock runs out, it can automatically place orders for more stock without any manual intervention. This can help you achieve a lean management approach.

The SmartLabel Cloud is an intelligent label that attaches to every kind of storage container. It’s ideal if you’re already using a storage system that you’re comfortable with and want to attach an automated process to it.

The label shows such information as product information, real-time order status, and delivery date. Because it uses e-paper technology, the label is easy to read under all lighting conditions. When the container becomes empty or when they deem it necessary, users can press a button on the label to order more stock. In the future, the label will have the ability to be integrated with technology such as pick-to-light systems, enabled by a built-in LED.

Similar Benefits

Both smart systems offer similar benefits:

  • Integrates with Smart Factory Logistics.
  • Streamlines the ordering work processes.
  • Lowers your total cost of ownership (TCO) with virtually no upkeep.
  • Increases efficiency, allowing more time for your core activities, which enhances profitability.
  • Works wirelessly at the point of use.
  • Provides real-time information updates.
  • Manages orders seamlessly, giving you full control of the cycle.
  • Consolidates control, ordering, and delivery.
  • Replenishes stock at the point of use.
  • Integrates with ARIMS, our interactive web-based platform that automates your material flow.

Are you interested in learning more about how either system or both can work for your business? Then please contact us today at ProvenProductivity@bossard.com.



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Comparing and Contrasting SmartBin Cloud and SmartLabel Cloud by
April 24, 2020

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