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Bossard Online Calculators

Bossard takes pride in living up to our “Proven Productivity” name, which is why we have made the design process even easier for you. It can be difficult to start a project when measurements aren’t all universal. Our calculators and converters are designed for engineers, technicians, designers and students involved in the development and assembly of bolted joint.

Here on our website, we have various free calculators and converters for you to take advantage of. There are even more if you create a username and password.
With our online converters, you can convert different units of measure to make your design process quick and easy. Check out our calculators on our website, Bossard.com, and be sure to download the Bossard Fastener Calculator in the App Store.

There are three calculators available to you through our website and app.

Cost Savings Calculator – You can calculate direct savings by reducing the number of different fasteners. Check out our blog on TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and Fastening to learn more about the costs that go into engineering and producing fasteners.

Torque and Preload Calculator – It’s important to know the parameters to successfully work with screws and bolts. The calculations are essential in assembly and joints.

Thread Engagement Length Calculator – The proper design for nuts and bolts is crucial for successful results. Use this calculator to for concise measurements for through hole and blind hole fasteners.

Explore Bossard.com and find calculators for design and production, technical design, and online converters.

Trying to get the proper measurements for an upcoming project? Contact us anytime at ProvenProductivity@bossard.com with questions and concerns—we have you covered. We want to make sure our customers have the best experience with our products and services. For frequent updates and useful information about Bossard, please subscribe to our blog.

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April 22, 2016

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