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Best Fasteners for Plastics and Composites: Threaded Inserts

When it comes to choosing the best fasteners for plastics and composite materials, you have a range of options. However, not all fastening solutions are suitable for every application.  And if you’re looking for the best fasteners for plastics and composites, the team at Bossard can help. 

Throughout the world, Bossard fasteners have become synonymous with exceptional quality, durability, and unrivaled performance. In addition to an expansive selection of fastening solutions, we offer Product Solutions and Assembly Technology Expert support as you work toward the best solution to your bolted joint problem. And if the ideal solution doesn’t exist, Bossard can create it. 

One of the top fastening solutions we offer for composites and plastics are threaded inserts. Also known as a threaded bushing, threaded inserts are fasteners that can be pressed-in, molded-in, or welded into a soft material to create permanent machine threads. Threaded inserts help prevent hardened fasteners from pulling out of softer composites, plastics, and soft metals. Because of these qualities threaded inserts are ideal for creating durable mechanical joints in your plastic and composite components. Let’s take a closer look at some of our top and most frequently utilized thread inserts. 

Types of Thread Inserts for Plastics and Composites

  1. The Tappex MULTISERT thread insert is a press-fitting insert that is made of brass. Available in M1.6 through M12, this threaded insert can be unheeded, with a large head diameter, or small head diameter. 
  2. The Tappex MICROBARB thread insert is a press-fitting fastener that has micro knurling for thin-walled materials. Made of brass, this threaded insert is available in M2 through M10. 
  3. Tappex TRISERT/TRISERT-3 are versatile, self-tapping inserts. They are available in brass, steel, and stainless steel in sizes ranging from M2 through M10. The TRISERT features three special cutting slots that prevent chips.
  4. Tappex FOAMSERT are self-tapping inserts that are ideal for wood, expanded materials, and soft plastics. These threaded insert are made from brass and are available in M2.5 through M8. 
  5. Tappex HiMOULD are threaded inserts designed for molding in. Manufactured from brass, these threaded inserts boast a highly-increased pull-out force by extra grooves from thread size M3. 
  6. PEM NFPC are threaded inserts for press-fitting. Manufactured from stainless steel, these inserts are available in M3 to M6. They feature high torsional strength through outer milling and a hexagonal head. 
  7. IN-STOP threaded inserts are made from brass and are designed to splay. These inserts can be set blindly without tools. 

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At Bossard, we are proud to offer a solution to every fastening challenge. As industry leaders, countless customers have turned to Bossard for tailored solutions, premium quality products, and innovative services. 

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January 07, 2022

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