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Best Fasteners for Plastics and Composites: Blind Rivet Nuts

At Bossard, we are proud to be leaders in fastening technology. We offer an array of fastening solutions for virtually all materials, including plastics and composites. However, we don’t just supply standard products and components, we offer active and close support as you search for the most ideal solution. And in the event the solution doesn’t exist, the team at Bossard can create it.

One of the top fastening solutions we offer for plastics, thermosets, and composites are blind rivet nuts. It is a single-piece, internally threaded, and counterbored rivet that can be anchored entirely from one side of the material. Let’s take a closer look.

Bossard offers Blind Rivet Nuts which can be adjusted with a controlled deformation feature. These innovative blind rivet nuts form a bulge without any bearing stress inside the bore hole.

Because of this, brittle materials like composites and plastics can be securely fastened without stress for the underlying material. The bulge can be created in a pre-specified material level of the composite to ensure a reliable, solid hold. We offer several blind rivet nuts.

Blind Rivet Nuts with Controlled Deformation

The controlled deformation blind rivet nuts are ideal for installations with soft, brittle composite materials. With this type of blind rivet nut, the bulge is created without force and brace transmission on the base material.


The Jack-Nut® blind rivet nuts are optimum for setting and fastening in soft materials and porous materials with a large surface for contact on the material base side. These types of blind nut rivets are ideally suited for oversized hole diameters.


The FLEXINUT blind rivet nuts are highly versatile, non-conductive solutions. They are designed to dampen vibrations and impacts.


FASTEKS® Nilko blind rivet nuts are polyamide fasteners that can be used in drilled or punched circular holes. These nuts will affix themselves when they’re being screwed in the bolt.


The STECKO blind rivet nuts are all-metal fasteners. They can be used in drilled or pierced circular holes and will affix themselves upon screwing in the bolt.

POP® Peel

POP® Peel blind rivets are designed with load spreading capabilities. These rivets have four petals that are ideal for joining brittle and softer materials especially materials with a honeycomb structure.

POP® Load Spreading (LSR)

As the name suggests, these rivets have a load spreading feature. They have three legs that are ideal for joining brittle and softer materials.

POP® Multi Grip (MGR)

POP® multi grip blind rivets feature a larger flange head that delivers excellent load spreading in thin or soft materials. This rivet is suggested for oversized hole diameters on slotted or head-size holes.


POP® HR Blind Rivets have a large flange head as well as a large secondary expansion for excellent load spreading in harder plastics.

POP® VGrip

With standard blind rivets, the rivet sleeve can expand radially to maximize the clamp length range. To limit the radial expansion, the POP® VGrip can be adjusted with controlled bearing stress. The workpieces are pulled together whilst forces against the sides of the holes in the joined components are reduced.

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December 03, 2021

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