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Benefits and Uses of Two-Piece Wheel Nuts

A loose wheel nut is one of the leading causes of wheel end failure. If a wheel is improperly installed, it can cause the wheel to come loose. Many causes can lead to loose wheels, but most have to do with over-torquing and under-torquing the lug nuts of the bolted joint.

A bolted joint works by tightly clamping two surfaces together. The surfaces resist movement with the friction and forces created by mating the two surfaces. The clamp load and amount of friction present determines the level or resistance the joint has to movement.

The wheel end is critical to highway safety for the driver, cargo and others traveling on the roads. Crashes caused by this failure are often called wheel runoff crashes and the prevention of these incidents is something that should be taken seriously.

It’s always best to trust a proven supplier with such critical safety components. Bossard has teamed with MacLean-Fogg/Metform, a US manufacturer of the original equipment two-piece Securex wheel nut, to provide this OEM solution to the aftermarket. The Securex wheel nut is designed to provide increased clamp force through more torque while maintaining optimized torque and tension. This also reduces operating costs with extended life and improved fuel economy. Securex M22 X 1.5 two-piece wheel nuts are available in 33mm and 38mm OD and fit most tractors and trailers with hub piloted wheels.

Using a two-piece wheel nut will help prevent wheel runoff crashes, but offers other benefits as well.
Benefits of Bossard’s Two-Piece Wheel Nut:

• Reduced potential for catastrophic failure
Loosened wheel nuts can result in wheel-off conditions, as well as the reduction of the operating life of the wheel end’s seals and bearings.

• Reduced operating costs
Wheel nut effects overall tire life and wheel end life, ultimately reducing fuel usage and costs.

• Quality design and manufacturing
The Bossard Two-Piece Wheel Nut is manufactured in the U.S. to precise tolerances and meets the stringent requirements of J1965.

• Extended nut life
Bossard Two-Piece Wheel Nuts use SAE 4140 alloy steel metallurgy and PTFE coating to protect against corrosion and reduce friction.

To learn more about the benefits and uses of two-piece wheel nuts, contact us at ProvenProductivity@bossard.com.

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Benefits and Uses of Two-Piece Wheel Nuts by
June 20, 2014

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