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Bossard Partners with SmartBolt®

Each day, Bossard looks for innovative solutions and new products that will help increase productivity and reduce total cost of ownership for manufactures and companies of all sizes.

Recently, Bossard had the opportunity to begin a new partnership with an innovative company by the name of Stress Indicators. Stress Indicators is a privately owned engineering and manufacturing company that is based out of Gaithersburg, Maryland. Stress Indicators Inc., develops, manufactures and sells unique visual indicating devices including load-indicating bolts and studs. These products also convert quality fasteners into SmartBolts®.

A Smartbolt is a fastener with a visual indication system. The indicator is in the head, and it darkens from red to black as the bolt is tightened. If the bolt is loosened, the indicator will return back to red, giving warning that it is unsafe, unsecure, and needs to be tightened properly. This innovative fastener technology measures the actual tension on the bolt, which is the only force that is holding the joint together. Designed to have a long service life, the SmartBolt requires no special tools or training to use. Plus, they are reusable too.

These bolts come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from extremely small to very large bolts. With bolts being offered in such a wide variety of shapes and sizes, they are able to be used in numerous applications across the board. For example, SmartBolts are currently being used in Electrical Distribution, Amusement Rides, Heavy Equipment, Press Dies and Machining Fixtures just to name a few. This invention has given a simple solution to a problem that has challenged the bolting industry from the inception of the bolted joint. Manufacturers can now avoid the problems associated with improperly tightened fasteners from the beginning using this new, innovative technology on a wide variety of applications. These SmartBolt indicators can also help quickly identify loosening fasteners to prevent problems that can arise from loosening fasteners.

Just one of the many fastening technology products that Bossard offers, SmartBolt is innovative, easy to use and solves a reoccurring problem, increasing productivity.

To learn more about SmartBolt, contact us at ProvenProductivity@bossard.com.

Bossard Partners with SmartBolt® by
June 24, 2014

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