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The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Smart Factory Logistics

You may not know it, but we are now in the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Previous industrial revolutions have paved the way for the current state of manufacturing. The 1st Industrial Revolution occurred when we harnessed water and steam power to mechanize production. The 2nd was electric power to create mass production, and the 3rd used electronics and information technology to automate production. Now, the 4th is occurring, and it is giving us Smart Factories.

Bossard has developed a Smart Factory Logistics methodology that is helping to bring us into the 4th Industrial Revolution. This methodology will help meet customer needs and make production leaner and more agile. Bossard has three specific solutions to make factories smarter:

Intelligent systems communicate along the supply chain – We have technology like SmartBin Cloud or SmartLabel Cloud that communicates the current demand from the warehouse with integrated weight and motion sensors. That way you can have exactly what you need.

Customer-specific solutions for all needs – The Smart Factory Logistics approach includes a comprehensive logistics management analysis of delivery, supplier consolidation, operation, and maintenance, and even encompasses strategic customer consultation.

Big data software creates transparency – Bossard has their very own supply chain collaboration software ARIMS. This software collects and delivers data on a large scale to create transparency and bring the customer closer to the process.

Take on the 4th Industrial Revolution with Bossard and Smart Factory Logistics! To learn more about how to create a factory of the future, contact us at ProvenProductivity@bossard.com or visit the Bossard microsite www.smartfactorylogistics.com.



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September 02, 2016

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