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4 Handy Tips from an Engineer for Using Washers

When designing joints with washers, it is important to understand and use the correct washer for the job. Below are a few tips for making a good selection:

1. When using flat washers, match washer hardness with bolt and/or nut hardness to avoid joint settling.

  • 140 HV ≤ 8
  • 200 HV ≤ 8
  • 300 HV ≤ 9

2. Split lock washers are not intended for use with hardened bolts/nuts, only with property class ≤ 8.

Washer 1

3. Toothed lock washers are designed to permit electric current flow between components, and do not provide much of a locking feature. They are also only used for low property class ≤ 8.

Washer 2

4. Specialty washers exist for high strength joints, for example:

  • Rip-Lok – designed for property class 8.8
  • Conical spring washer with serrations on top

Washer 3

  • Schnorr washer – designed for property class 10.9
  • Small OD conical spring washer with serrations on both sides

Washer 4

For more details on selecting the correct washers for your application, checkout www.bossard.com or send us an email at ProvenProductivity@bossard.com.

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Doug Jones
Applications Engineer

4 Handy Tips from an Engineer for Using Washers by
September 28, 2018

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