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Simple installation, flexible, stable, and easy to handle: FASTEKS KLIPKO® cage nuts live up to the Bossard Proven Productivity standard. These single-part hollow thread nuts are easy to install without the need for reworking. They are used to connect materials and surfaces for a reliable bond, while equalizing the tolerance of the equipment.

Below, we have featured three cage-nuts that are tailored to your needs.

  • FASTEKS KLIPKO® Standard cage nuts
    The standard cage nut is clipped from the back with ease using pliers. The standard cage nut design can be extended as needed once installed. It comes in stainless and galvanized steel with seven thread size options.
  • FASTEKS KLIPKO® Earthing cage nuts
    This variation is designed to enter the coating to ensure a secure fit with the other materials. Similar to the standard cage nut, this fastener is offered in stainless and galvanized steel with six thread size options.
  • FASTEKS KLIPKO® Front-mounting cage nuts
    Opposite of the standard cage nut, the front-mounting cage nut is anchored from the front. Install it easily after paint with a screwdriver or a metal strip; remove and re-use as desired. Like all other cage nuts, this variation is made of stainless or galvanized steel, with three thread sizes available.

Bossard has partnered with KVT since 2012 to produce fastening technology that will revolutionize our various customers’ projects. The result of our intricate planning and engineering is quality and reliability.

Check out their website for full product descriptions and product lists. We have a wide variety of designs, as well as tools for cage nuts. Have questions? Contact us anytime at ProvenProductivity@bossard.com.

February 05, 2016
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