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Custom bigHead® Parts

Custom bigHead® Parts

Although there are 400 standard bigHeads to choose from, we understand that those may not work for everyone. With over 5,000 custom bigHeads, we are dedicated to supplying fasteners that work for our customers. bigHead has the ability to create drawings and prototypes in their own factory where all design and manufacturing takes place. You can trust Bossard to test the samples and feed you the results so you can assure your custom bigHead will be nothing short of satisfactory.

Since 1966, bigHead fasteners have been ahead of the competition in every way. The market-leading performance comes from a unique weld process which results in a strong and reliable product. Work with us to find the perfect way to turn your vision into reality. bigHead will collaborate with you to bring out your ideas and creativity to design a fastener that’s exactly what you need. We use our innovative expertise to give you constructive feedback on your strategy. Next, we will test and refine your design to assure that you’re getting exactly what you need for assembly and operation.

Check out these examples of unique fasteners, which were created in collaboration with our customers:

Nacelle Fastener
This custom fastener is made from 316 stainless steel to protect against corrosion. Its unique design can be color-matched and is lightning strike protected.

Designed to meet each of our customer’s preferences, these bigHeads are enveloped in polyurethane. The low-profile fasteners are ultrasonically welded into position, making them secure and precise.

3 Tang Quilt Pin
We collaborated with our customer who needed a head with bendable “tangs.” This unique design was created to retain insulations blankets.

Download the template from our website to send us a sketch of your design idea. Explore our website for more information about the design and production process. If you have any questions about custom bigHead parts, feel free to contact us anytime at ProvenProductivity@bossard.com.

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January 29, 2016

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