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What’s the Difference Between Kits and Assemblies?

The difference between a kit and an assembly is quite simple:

  1. An assembly is taking two or more parts and combining them together to form one ultimate part.
  2. A kit is combining two or more components and either bagging or boxing them together. Typically, this gives the end user the ability to easily assemble the parts without confusion.

Kitting and assembling components is a task that typically involves multiple different items, and can take up a lot of time for both your employees and your company. Every item has its mate and place in different applications and if it isn’t done properly, it can potentially cause a butterfly effect. The result will be failures due to incorrect assembly, loss of production due to having to stop, and having to locate the proper part because it wasn’t kitted correctly.

Kits and assemblies need to be done right. It takes patience, attention to detail, and are extremely time consuming. If you feel you have a kit or assembly opportunity that you need assistance with, please contact Bossard at ProvenProductivity@bossard.com.


Eric Barfels
Technical Sales

What’s the Difference Between Kits and Assemblies? by
April 06, 2018

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