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Vibrational Loosening and Fastening Solutions

The environment your product is in is a huge factor in the success and sustainability of your project. Vibration is one factor that can cause your project to fail. This is because a bolted joint has the possibility of unintentional loosening or vibrational loosening that can cause fastener failure.

The good news is, we have anti-loosening and anti-vibration fastening solutions. Some of these solutions include: ecosyn®-fix screws, the Nord-Lock bolt securing system, and TufLok®. Check out the details on these product solutions below.

ecosyn®-fix screws
This screw is made to be shake and vibration resistant. ecosyn®-fix screws consist of a large washer that is integrated into the screw head. This surface is designed to help prevent unscrewing. These screws are used in many technical appliances and electrical equipment.

Nord-Lock bolt securing system
This securing system was designed to use tension to secure critical joints that are exposed to vibrations. The Nord-Lock bolt securing system blocks the rotation of the bolt/nut and maintains the clamp load. This can offer you a sense of safety and security on your bolted joints.

TufLok® is another solution for vibrational loosening. This is a system for thread locking and thread sealing fastened joints. This system uses an elastic, wear-resistant, blue nylon patch to seal and lock as fastener into place. This system is also resistant to many chemicals which makes it a great solution for many products.

Vibrational loosening is something you want to watch out for, but if you have the right fastening solutions, you don’t have to worry. We take pride in providing proven products to increase your productivity. If you have questions, contact us at ProvenProductivity@bossard.com.

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March 03, 2017

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