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Southco – Benefits/Advantages of Counterbalance Hinge

When your workflow demands opening and closing doors and lids, the Southco Counterbalance Hinge can make it safer and more efficient. By compensating for the weight of heavy lids and panels, this engineered access solution gives its users specific control when dealing with heavy panels, improves ergonomics, and minimizes liability issues. Among its many advantages are the following.

  • It reduces to zero any effort needed to open and close heavy lids and doors by counteracting the force of gravity. Users can smoothly and precisely position a panel or lid without having to strain themselves, which lessens the risks of accidents and minimizes potential danger. This ease of use makes opening and closing quicker, which makes user tasks more efficient.
  • Because the hardware is compact around its pivot points, the hinge can fit inside most enclosures with no protrusions. The lack of gas-strut posts and mounts removes catch points.
  • You can adjust the assembly to match the precise requirements of even stringent applications, such as in construction or the military.
  • The hinge is highly resistant to vibration, making it suitable for storage applications that are mobile or stationary, such as those found with industrial and medical equipment.
  • Due to its aluminum construction, it resists corrosion and tolerates a wide range of temperatures, making it ideal for cooking and food processing.
  • No energy source is needed, so even outdoor applications far from generators or powerplants can benefit.
  • This technology offers a lifetime of worry-free and consistent operation because it requires no maintenance and is designed for up to 100,000 cycles. This is useful for reducing costs related to warranties, insurance, installation, maintenance, and repair.

Do you want more information about Southco Counterbalance Hinges can work with your application? Contact us today at ProvenProductivity@bossard.com.

Southco - Benefits/Advantages of Counterbalance Hinge by
December 04, 2020

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