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Plastic Fasteners and Their Uses

Plastic fasteners can have very practical and beneficial uses in many applications if used properly. Following the same standards for thread class and fit that metal fasteners do, threaded and non-threaded plastic fasteners can work well in a variety of applications.

As an alternative to metal fasteners, plastic fasteners are often used when environmental, thermal, chemical and electrical uses are a determining factor in the finished application. Just like metal fasteners, plastic fasteners have the ability to meet specific design requirements like strength, heat, low temperature, corrosion resistance, weight and material toughness.

Metal fasteners have become highly developed and advanced over the years, but plastic fasteners are available in both standard shapes and those designed for special functions as well. Just like metal fasteners, plastic fasteners must be carefully examined before use in any specific application.

Surprisingly, not all plastic fasteners are entirely plastic either. Some plastic fastener materials may include added glass or metallic filler. These materials can help improve upon the strength, temperature and stiffness of the fastener.

Some advantages of plastic fasteners include their use in soft materials. Engineers and designers also look to plastic fasteners for good chemical and acid resistance, non-conductivity and tolerance to water. Plastic fasteners hold up well in applications that are used under water such as operations in saltwater. In these scenarios where some stainless steel can rust and corrode, plastic does not. Since plastic is a nonconductor, it is also great for heat sensitive, electronic or electrical applications.

When choosing a plastic fastener, it is important to evaluate the needs of the application. What is more important, strength or non-corrosive and non-conductive properties? There are a variety of different plastic fasteners made for different purposes just like metal fasteners. Used correctly and chosen properly, plastic fasteners can rival the strength of metal fasteners in many applications.

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July 16, 2014

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