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Metric vs Fractional Fasteners

Metric vs Fractional Fasteners

Can’t decide between metric fasteners and fractional fasteners? Allow us to settle the debate.

There are several benefits to using metric fasteners, chief among them being that metric dimensions are globally interchangeable, enabling you to procure parts from anywhere in the world.

For this reason, metric fasteners help facilitate international communication and trade, in addition to lowering in place costs. Products made in the United States are easier to service and maintain and also become an easier sell overseas, due in large part to the interchangeability of products.

The metric system is also simple and logical. The advantages are myriad. In addition to the aforementioned interchangeability, the metric system also benefits from increased accuracy, and has been applied by almost all nations across the globe.

Metric fasteners are subject to the ISO tolerance system. This system system is the key to achieving lower cost and interchangeability globally.

For more information about the benefits of metric fasteners, click here.

The Bossard website also features a tool for converting between metric and inch fasteners. This converter – which can be found here – offers best proposals as you work toward a compromise.

Not sold on metric fasteners over fractional fasteners? The conversation doesn’t have to end here. Contact us at ProvenProductivity@bossard.com! We’re happy to continue this discussion with you.

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October 26, 2015

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