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Inventory Management with Intelligent Logistics Systems

Managing logistic solutions and supply management is an often overlooked area in many industries where time and money can be saved and waste can be cut down. Bossard is a pioneer when it comes to logistics solutions. We offer solutions that focus on the supply chain and on-site operation support.

There are three overall system approaches that have been tailored to offer the perfect option when looking for a logistics solution.

Bossard SmartBin

This technology creates a new standard for inventory management and is designed to make the process easy and hassle-free. With the use of this system, needed parts are automatically ordered online and are delivered to the customer on time before their current inventory is depleted. This SmartBin technology uses a combination of normal bins and scales that work to make the supply cycle simpler, quicker and above all, cost efficient. The scales used for SmartBin automatically monitor current stock levels and a predetermined order amount is shipped automatically once inventory has reached a minimum level.

Bossard 2Bin

The simplicity of this system has ensured its success over the years. A more traditional approach to modern inventory management, the Bossard 2Bin system is still considered to be one of the best inventory management solutions. Utilizing at least two bins for all parts, the bins are arranged on shelves with one behind the other. When one of the two bins is empty, the customer is in charge of transporting the empties to an agreed upon location where Bossard collects the empty bins, fills them and delivers them back at regular intervals.


To simplify inventory management and replenishing, this system uses electronic data transfer technology. This simple and easy to use system provides the customer with flexibility to manage their inventory how they please. Each bin is labeled with a barcode to associate its contents with relevant electronic data. When the minimum inventory level is reached, the data recorded using the barcode reader is sent to Bossard for reorder.

Research has shown that managing C-parts can make up 50 percent of the total procurement costs and only 15% is made up with the cost of the actual fastener. Inventory management solutions like those offered by Bossard can cut down on the dollars spent on management costs and lower total cost of ownership.

To learn more about our Inventory Management, contact us at ProvenProductivity@bossard.com.

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June 06, 2014

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