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How Vendor Managed Inventory Works

Bossard is a leader in innovation because our goal is to streamline processes and increase efficiency. This is no more apparent than in Bossard Inventory Management (also known as BIM).

So what is it? It involves a network of qualified suppliers – at your approval, of course – to provide dependable care of full procurement of all b- and c-parts for Bossard and third parties. The central idea is to reduce costs, lower inventory and, most importantly, achieve sustainable relief across all departments through more efficient management.

How does it work? Bossard offers several different Kanban systems that collect data through an automated process and send it to the suppliers in the c-parts management system when an order point is reached. The suppliers then prepare the requested amounts and label them according to the location of the customer’s warehouse. Bossard then completes the process by bringing the flow of goods together and producing a consolidated invoice.

Flexibility and modularity are two of the most important elements of this system, but there are also multiple benefits to both you and your supplier with Bossard Inventory Management.

This allows for greater control of the choice, procurement and quality of c-part from your suppliers. You can also keep in contact with your suppliers and avoid having to deal with c-parts.

Bossard Inventory Management also compiles the technical responsibilities of your supplier and works to counteract the possibility of delivery bottlenecks by guaranteeing a minimum inventory.

To learn more about Bossard Inventory Management and how it works or to discuss our full range of customer logistics systems, do not hesitate to contact Bossard at ProvenProductivity@bossard.com. We’d love to chat further!

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August 14, 2015

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