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How Bossard Can Assist with Supply Chain Transparency

What does supply chain transparency really mean? Imagine a scenario where you couldn’t finish a product due to a missing fastener. Or you have to suffer additional costs due to unexplained inventory losses. Such errors often spell disaster on an efficiency and cost basis and can even jeopardize customer and supplier relations. Full transparency in a supply chain is the key to minimizing mistakes while ensuring maximum functional efficiency and productivity.

How Bossard Helps You Achieve Full Transparency

Achieving full inventory and supply chain transparency requires innovative solutions. This is where ARIMS comes into play. Our cloud-based interactive supply chain platform not only puts you in complete control of your material flow but also provides total inventory transparency via effective B- and C-part management.

ARIMS Analytics, ARIMS Interactive, and ARIMS Mobile make up the three key aspects of the interactive platform. ARIMS Analytics unleashes the power of big data to provide concise analytics, reports, and graphs summarizing current production using real-time data in an easily visualized and exportable form. ARIMS Interactive lets you customize your dashboard and system options to suit your production needs while making it easier to submit changes and review past and current change requests.

ARIMS Mobile takes platform access to the next level by delivering mobile access through Android and iOS devices. Whether you’re on the production floor or in the field, you’ll have a complete, real-time accounting of your current operations.

ARIMS is what makes Bossard’s Smart Factory Logistics methodology possible. When combined with innovative components like Bossard SmartBin and SmartLabel, ARIMS gives you complete information about your supply chain while providing an efficient end-to-end smart factory experience.

Reach out to a Bossard expert at ProvenProductivity@bossard.com and discover how ARIMS supply chain transparency software can help deliver greater inventory and supply chain visibility. 

How Bossard Can Assist with Supply Chain Transparency by
February 26, 2021

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