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Hole Size Matters!

Daddy to the rescue, the savior of broken toys! Well, that’s what my initial thought was before I had to go buy my daughter a new toy because I chose the wrong screw to replace the unusable one. My daughter’s favorite toy would always come loose from the plastic joint due to the repeated fix and the wear and tear from a 6-year-old. Who would have known there is an art in fastening plastic joints with a screw? Did you know the size of your pilot hole, in relation to the diameter of the boss is important? Too large of a hole will not have enough thread engagement, and too small of a hole will cause stress fractures to the boss. The material of boss will have an effect on the size of the pilot hole to have proper seating of the screw. There are also advantages of choosing the right screw for the job. You want to have a screw that has low driving torque and high stripping torque. Having great vibration resistance, especially when dealing with 6-year-old playing habits is very important. Click Here to find the right screw to fit the hole.

What will it take for you to be the hero again and be the super parent that you are? That’s right, hole recognition and proper design. The experts at Bossard can help you design and choose the right hole sizes for the easy fix. Saving one toy at a time is what you do best! Contact us at ProvenProductivity@bossard.com with any questions.


John Syharath
Technical Sales

Hole Size Matters! by
July 21, 2017

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