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Getting Smart with Southco Articulating Hinges

Southco Articulating Hinges Handle Heavy Tasks

The hinge is an incredible mechanical device that makes it possible to move large objects easily. While hinges are most used on doors and cabinet covers, many industrial applications also make use of a variety of hinges, including articulating ones. An articulating hinge mostly sits tucked away out of sight until someone needs to open a door, panel, or another hinged object. That is when the articulating hinge demonstrates its superior technology.

How Articulating Hinge Internals Work

These hinges use an internal scissoring mechanism that completely hides the hinge in the closed position. A simple pin-and-pivot design leaves the hinges exposed and creates potentially dangerous pinch points that could injure fingers or other body parts. Exposed hinges also are subject to weathering and can be just plain unsightly. The Southco articulating hinge does away with the pin and pivoting action of traditional hinges while greatly improving function and potential uses.

Reliable and No Upkeep

The Southco articulating hinge features a flush-mount design that eliminates pinch points and tucks away out of sight very nicely. The aluminum alloy hinges resist rust and corrosion while providing exceptional strength. They come in natural aluminum or a flat black or flat silver powder coat for added durability and corrosion resistance. Southco latches help to secure the panels and doors that you can open and close with articulating hinges.

Constant-Torque Hinges Hold Things Steady

The Southco hinges come in either free-swinging or a range of constant torque articulating hinges. All varieties offer up to 180 degrees of rotation for an attached panel, door, or other items. The constant-torque hinges range from your choice of 12 pound-inch, 16 pound-inch, 20 pound-inch, and 24 pound-inch torque ratings. That is enough to hold a sizeable panel or door very still and in exactly the position you need.

The Southco articulating hinge delivers high strength and reliable performance in a custom package that works great on doors, tables, and any other traditionally hinged object.

For more information or to see how an articulating hinge could benefit your application, contact us at ProvenProductivity@bossard.com.

Getting Smart with Southco Articulating Hinges by
April 30, 2021

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