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Functionality and Uses of ecosyn®-fix

You may have heard of the ecosyn®-fix screws and their reliability and efficiency. Now let’s dive a little deeper into their functionality.

ecosyn®-fix combines a screw, a helical spring and a flat washer all into one fastening solution. This allows for it to achieve increased functionality and have many different applications. For example, the large diameter of the integrated washer is beneficial because it helps compensate for large tolerances. The integrated washer also minimizes pre-load loss. The reason the wide, smooth bearing area is beneficial is because it reduces the risk of damage to surface components, and it minimizes potential for corrosion.

The ecosyn®-fix screw has many applications because of its increased functionality. Some specific uses of ecosyn®-fix screws include:

  • Railway vehicles (e.g. covers, fittings)
  • System and apparatus engineering
  • Electronics and electronic appliances
  • Household appliances
  • Vehicle construction
  • Body and sheet metal applications

The ecosyn®-fix screw is proven to be productive, but what does that really mean? It means this fastening solution works and works well. It also means it improves your productivity and competitiveness. The ecosyn®-fix screw functions the way you need it to and it saves you time and money.

If you have any further questions about the ecosyn®-fix screw contact us at ProvenProductivity@bossard.com. The proof is in the productivity, but you have to start by trying the product.

Functionality and Uses of ecosyn®-fix by
November 11, 2016

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