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Fastener Standards Explained

Although fastener standards can be difficult to understand and apply, they are very important to the success of both users and suppliers of fasteners.

Fastener standards are most often documents that have been created by standards organizations such as the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) or the Industrial Fasteners Institute (IFI). These documents cover everything from material, dimensional and/or mechanical property requirements for different fastener types. These standards are generated to ensure that fasteners will fit into the applications that they are designed for and that they will be able to execute the purpose for which they have been designed. Standards also extend beyond the design and manufacturing process to guarantee that fasteners will be able to perform the functions they were designed for in regards to corrosion resistance, strength and endurance.

Both fastener end users and suppliers need to be well-versed in understanding and executing fastener standards so that end products are able to function at peak performance while avoiding unnecessary maintenance, replacement or failure.

When standards are understood and acted upon, the cost of doing business is lessened and both users and suppliers are better served. Fastener standards offer a universal language for specially-engineered fasteners when the applicable fastener standards can be cited that need to be incorporated into their design.

Not only are standards imperative to maintaining consistency within the fastener industry, they are also important to the manufacturing process as well. Users who understand fastener standards will in turn experience fewer manufacturing problems, resulting in lower manufacturing costs. As a fastener supplier, Bossard is proficient in fastener standards in order to guarantee that the most valuable products are distributed to customers.

Having universal fastener standards benefits the consumers and general public as well. With everyone conforming to the same fastener standards, the possibility of consumer and industrial product equipment failures is greatly reduced.

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April 30, 2014

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