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Fastener Quality Practices

There are many different quality requirements that our team takes into account before we recommend a fastener for a particular product. The first factor is the life expectancy of the product in which it will be used. It is important that the fasteners will hold up as long as the product in order to avoid productivity pitfalls with continuous replacements. Next, we examine finish requirements. Is there a corrosion factor at work? Material requirements are also closely considered because fastener strength is important. Temperature extremes are also a crucial component of material requirements because severe heat or cold can affect fastener performance. Also, will the joint be exposed to a corrosive environment? The more knowledge we have about what the fastener will have to withstand, the better position we’re in to make a suitable recommendation.

Risk is another extremely important evaluation factor when it comes to quality practices. Although it may be tough to consider worst case scenarios, it is necessary to do so in order to avoid them. What is the risk if a joint fails? At Bossard, we service a diverse range of clientele. A joint failure can result in anything from a fallen windmill, to a collapsed bridge or even a plane crash.

When recommending fasteners for our clients, quality is something that is obviously very important to us. We believe that quality begins at a manufacturer level. Before we obtain or outsource fasteners, we clearly define the quality we expect from every single manufacturer of each fastener. We expect: certified and controlled raw material, manufacturing process descriptions, full lot traceability as well as in-process control and final inspection. This allows us to maintain consistency in the delivery of quality fastening product, no matter where they come from or how they will end up being used.

Above all, we believe that communication with our clients is key in providing quality components that bolster productivity. Our quality requirements are in place for a reason- client success, which is why we obtain all of the above information before moving forward with any fastener recommendation.

To learn more about fastener quality practices, contact us at ProvenProductivity@bossard.com.

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May 16, 2014

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