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FASTEKS Access Line: Everything You Need to Know About Our Access Hardware Products

You know Bossard for the fastening products we offer to improve your products. Yet, this forms just one part of our methodology, designed to make your manufacturing and supply chain smarter, leaner, and more efficient. Our latest offering is a special catalog of around 5,000 operating and control elements, excerpted from our larger collection. They consist of the following categories.

Catalog Categories

  • Handwheels and Handles enable manual adjustments to machinery and manage access to compartments. They include solid handwheels with fixed or fold-away cylindrical handles and no handles. They also cover crank handles with fixed and fold-away cylindrical handles.
  • Clamping Knobs help with gripping and securing applications, and typically contain knurling, texturing, or lobes. They are available as both nuts or screws in three-star, star, cross, wing, grip, and knurled varieties.
  • Clamping and Tension Levers allow for manually fixing or holding elements. They may have adjustable handles and may or may not require the push of a button to release tension.
  • Handles improve grip on machinery for easier movement or adjustment. They include bridge handles with an ergonomically perfect design, T-handles, mushroom knobs, plain spherical knobs, cylindrical knobs, cylindrical handles that are fixed or revolving, and retractable cylindrical handles.
  • Control Elements allow the adjustment of equipment functions with knurling to improve grip and numbered dividing marks to show gradations of control.
  • Leveling Elements help stabilize machinery on uneven surfaces. They may be adjustable or rigid and may or may not include rubber inserts that prevent slipping.
  • Indexing and Positioning Elements help you to remove or re-position elements quickly. They include spring and lateral plungers, ball-ended thrust screws, index plungers, ball-lock pins, and indexing handles.
  • Hinges enable lids, doors, or other moving objects to open or close. They include free-swinging versions with through holes, threaded inserts, or threaded studs.

This list represents only our standard range of access hardware products. We can deliver over 10,000 customized solutions based on your specifications and drawings, or that are jointly developed by your engineers and our product specialists. For more information, please reach out to your local Bossard contact.

FASTEKS Access Line: Everything You Need to Know About Our Access Hardware Products by
October 04, 2019

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