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Comparison of Bossard Smart Factory Logistics Systems

Looking for a leaner and better process? Take a deeper look at Smart Factory Logistics from Bossard. Below, we break down some of our parts and services so you can decide what will be the most helpful for you and your business.

The idea behind the SmartBin part of Smart Factory Logistics is that we measure the amount of goods that you have to maximize ordering efficiency. You will be supplied with the correct amount of materials at the correct time. There are three different SmartBin options, so you can choose the ones that truly fit with your operation.

SmartBin Flex

This type of SmartBin is our most flexible option. The SmartBin Flex can be placed anywhere and it doesn’t even need a power connection. The Flex option transmits signals wirelessly for ultimate flexibility.

SmartBin Mobile

This SmartBin option will give you a mobile trolley equipped with SmartBin, making it the perfect option for changing work environments. The mobile trolleys have battery powered wireless communication.

SmartBin Classic

This option is the traditional SmartBin. It is perfect for non-mobile pools of your equipment. SmartBin can manage your parts whether they are a few grams per bin or 1,000 kg per pallet.

SmartLabel is an option for you if you cannot change or completely convert your existing system.


The SmartLabel can be added to any standard bin you may have, so it doesn’t require you to change anything about the way your factory currently runs. The idea behind SmartLabel is that it will be an easy way for you to reorder products because the label has all the information to help you order parts without confusion.

SmartCard is a flexible system for assembly line delivery. Check out the specifics below.


Similar to the SmartLabel, this technology is another that can be very easily implemented into what you do now. When an item is out of stock, you take the RFID card associated with it and you put the card into the electronic mailbox. Then with SmartCard, Bossard will replenish your product for you. This is slightly different from SmartLabel where you have to order the product yourself.

With Bossard’s Smart Factory Logistics, each bin has a label to properly identify your part or product. How you refill that product is dependent on which system you choose from below.

Bossard Code

With this system, data is recorded with a barcode reader and sent to Bossard. Then, Bossard takes care of the replenishment of your product for you.

Do you go through certain parts quite frequently? That is where Bossard’s 2Bin system comes in.

Bossard 2Bin

You can get two standard bins for all of your parts or whatever parts you need. These bins are arranged one behind the other, so when you use up the first one, you just start using the second one. In the meantime, Bossard will collect your empty bins and refill them at regular intervals.

There are various options and various levels of Bossard’s Smart Factory Logistics. You can start small or go big, but either way you will get the Proven Productivity from Bossard. If you have questions about which parts of Smart Factory Logistics will work best for you, contact us at ProvenProductivity@bossard.com.

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March 24, 2017

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