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Can a Certain Fastener Make Your Life Easier?

ecosyn®-fix screws give you reliability and efficiency so you can save time for your many other tasks. ecosyn®-fix can save you assembly time and management costs as well as give you reliability in your application. Let’s take a deeper look at how ecosyn®-fix screws do this.

Cost Savings
The reason ecosyn®-fix screws are used worldwide is because they truly do save you money. These screws were built to decrease preparation times and create a faster assembly. This is achieved because the ecosyn®-fix screw is one fastener instead of many; ecosyn®-fix combines a screw, a helical spring and a flat washer all into one fastening solution. This allows you to save money on materials by reducing your bill of materials, and also save significant amounts of time, reducing labor costs.

With the ecosyn®-fix screw, you also get increased reliability. Your products will be able to hold up better and they will truly be something you can count on. One of the key aspects of this increased reliability is the integrated washer. This washer is shake-proof and vibration-resistant because it’s already attached to the screw. Other advantages of the integrated washer include reduced risk of crevice corrosion, optimum bearing area to cover elongated and large through holes and joint relaxation is compensated.

We work to develop solutions to some of the toughest fastening problems. Sometimes the problems are less about the fastener itself and more about cost and time savings. With the ecosyn®-fix screw you get both cost and time savings with one easy-to-use product. This product can help you fill in the gaps in your project easily and efficiently.

Contact us at ProvenProductivity@bossard.com if you have any questions about the ecosyn®-fix screw or any of our other fastening solutions. We work to make your life easier, so let us know what you think of our solutions.

Can a Certain Fastener Make Your Life Easier? by
October 14, 2016

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