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Bossard Smartbin in 4 Steps

Bossard is dedicated to efficiency when it comes to delivering products. This includes the delivery methods of C-parts. Bossard’s SmartBins are specially developed to increase the efficiency of your production process. With this innovative resource, you are guaranteed the highest supply, yet reduced stock so you don’t have to store a ton of parts at once. We have broken down the Bossard SmartBin into four steps below.

  1. Storage
    The parts are stored as close to the point of use as possible. The bins are specially designed with weight sensors that are constantly monitoring the stock levels. With SmartBin mobile, you are provided a faster process, as SmartBins are portable and can be moved from different areas right up to the point of use. This storage element eliminates excessive motion, as your parts are right there near you!
  2. Data
    The data that the sensors (mentioned above) collect are sent directly to Bossard online where it is processed. A predetermined re-order point is input into the system and when that point is reached, a replenishment order is triggered and you get your inventory before you even realize it’s low. This continuous monitoring of inventory is made possible with its high-tech remote wireless connection.
  3. Quantity
    Bossard selects the required quantity and labels the material with the necessary customer information. As mentioned in the “data” step, it is collected online and the quantity is pre-determined.
  4. Forwarding
    Your parts are easy to identify as yours because of the labels that were created for each customer. The parts are forwarded to the point of use by Bossard or by the customer.

Bossard has combined efficiency and convenience to deliver our customers a reliable system that will keep their production process running smoothly, while increasing their profitability. We would like to hear your questions and concerns, so contact us anytime at ProvenProductivity@bossard.com. Be sure to subscribe to our blog to learn more about our company!

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April 01, 2016

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