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Bossard Fastener Expert Tools Box

Bossard Fastener Expert Tools Box

Bossard is proud of its innovative technologies and ever growing engineering solutions, so we’re especially excited to announce our newest product for sale: the Fastener Expert Tools box.

This high-quality box contains:

  1. Over 60,000 2D and 3D CAD fastener drawings, including over 38,000 catalog parts and over 22,000 special parts. All of the software comes on a customized Bossard USB memory stick in the shape of a hex head cap screw.
  2. Unlimited access to Bossard engineering calculators and other expert resources; i.e. technical resources and white papers (given that the user registers to our website).
  3. An encyclopedia of fastening technology (i.e. latest Bossard T-section).
  4. A high quality Rotring/Bossard pencil.

We believe in doing the right thing from the beginning, so along with the items included in the box, you also get expert support and complete dedication from your friends here at Bossard if you run into an issue or have any questions.

The benefits of all this CAD data at your fingertips are extensive. The easy-to-use graphical user interface (in both English and German) makes for the best possible user experience. Having access to all this information in such a simplified place will both help simplify an engineer’s work and speed up the prototype design time.

There are no limits to your options – especially because there are unlimited number of downloads to any CAD systems with all different kinds of file formats available to ensure you can use it anywhere and anytime. An internet connection isn’t even needed to access the information and files. Once online, there is a simple online update feature provided to help stay on top.

If you have any questions about the Fastener Expert Tools box or are interested in purchasing one, please contact us at ProvenProductivity@bossard.com. We’d love to discuss our new product further!

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January 15, 2016

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