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Blind Rivet Nuts

Turning challenges into opportunities is what Bossard strives to achieve. Our products are designed to make your operations more effective and efficient, and blind rivet nuts are no exception.

Blind rivet nuts are single-part hollow-head nuts, and these are installed “blind” from a single side without having to be reworked. For that specific reason, blind rivet nuts represent a more efficient and impressive solution for your application.

On top of that, blind rivet nuts also benefit from a pronounced rivet beading on the rear side, which is what helps ensure a high tear-out strength.

Blind rivet nuts are typically utilized for screw connections, but can also be applied in a combination of riveting and screw fastenings. These types of applications produce a resilient thread, especially on thin components and hollow sections.

Your standard blind rivet nuts are designed to connect two parts independent of the materials. Bigger components connected free from distortion and without surface damage can also be durable.

Our wide selection of blind rivet nuts represent a range of different rivet types, combinations of materials, head shapes and diameters. No matter your application, we have the appropriate blind rivet nut to fulfill your needs. Our belief is that in order to position our products as solutions, the solution must fit the problem.

Blind rivet nuts are also simple to use. Our blind rivet nuts can be processed with all blind riveting tools – manual or fully automatic – that you would normally use.

With efficient working times, ease of use, various material combinations and a wide range of applications, blind rivet nuts are clearly one of the most effective solutions available. To learn more about the innovative line of blind rivet nuts that Bossard has to offer, contact Bossard at ProvenProductivity@bossard.com.

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April 24, 2015

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