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Benefits of Using bigHead® Fasteners

Some people will tell you that without a solution, there is no problem. For the engineers at bigHead®, there is no problem without a solution. Back in 1966, engineers were tasked with designing a fastener that could fasten in composite material with the same strength and efficiency of traditional fasteners. The result was a fastener with a perforated head perfect for locking the product into position by using a structural adhesive. before being welded to a variety of studs, nuts, collars, pins and other fixings. And thus, the first bigHead® fasteners were born.

bigHead® fasteners have been around for more than 40 years, and you don’t sustain that kind of success without offering a unique product with a number of valuable benefits.

Reduced Production Costs
There is no secret to using bigHead® fasteners, and that simplicity is part of why these fasteners are so popular. Because these fasteners are simple to use, you can cut down on your production costs and make better use of your time.

Whether you want your fasteners surface mounted with adhesive or fully embedded, bigHead® fasteners have the capabilities to accommodate your needs. The level of versatility that these fasteners provide allows them to be integrated into a wide range of high quality products.
To ensure that their fasteners are compatible with modern composites and plastics, bigHead® also makes their fasteners out of mild steel or 316 stainless steel.

There are over 400 standard bigHead® fasteners available for you to choose from. If their wide selection of fasteners don’t happen to suit your needs, bigHead® also offers fasteners customized for specific applications.

When deciding what fasteners to use, it is important that you use choose fasteners with a proven history of success and dependability. bigHead® is dedicated to designing and manufacturing fasteners that will help you feel secure. For more information on bigHead®, or to order, please call (800) 772-2738 or email ProvenProductivity@bossard.com.

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October 10, 2014

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