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BCT® Blind Rivet Nuts for Ultra-High Strength Steel Sheets

When choosing a fastener, it is important to look at the material of the fastener as well as what you are trying to fasten. This is important because you have to consider factors like the material strength, brittleness, and corrosion resistance.

Sometimes the strongest products seem small and simple, but they will do the job in the best way possible. The BCT®* rivet nut is a fastener that can be simple, but it does the job it needs to do and it is stronger than the competition. BCT® thrives in tough situations.

BCT stands for Bulge Control Technology and this technology gives you a high performance fastener solution. BCT® has four cross holes on the shank, which determines where the rivet nut will collapse allowing it to be installed in many non-conventional blind applications. The BCT® provides a strong thread compared to other rivet nuts.

BCT® is also easily assembled into hard to access structures. They can be assembled in virtually any material, like ultra-high strength steel, which is what makes them so impressive. They are blind rivet nuts of a high-grade material which makes them able to withstand a lot. If you are unsure of the material thickness or the material thickness varies, that is also a good reason to use the BCT® because it covers a very wide grip range.

With Bossard Proven Productivity, we ensure that your BCT® blind rivet nut will be safe and reliable, just like our other products. We would love to hear from you! Contact us at ProvenProductivity@bossard.com with inquiries and comments about our quality products.

*BCT® is a registered trademark owned by BBA srl Italy
BCT® Blind Rivet Nuts for Ultra-High Strength Steel Sheets by
July 29, 2016

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