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ATE Expert Walk

Value Stream Mapping is a powerful tool for identifying opportunities to improve your production line.  ATE Expert Walk by Bossard can examine your C-parts in the assembly process to optimize the methods, tools, fasteners, and workstations that you depend on during production.


Bossard adds value by delivering the right fastener for your product. To that end, our ATE Expert Walk rewards you with the following measurable benefits:

  • Reduce the cost of assembly. By using the right fasteners, you save time and money and create better products. Leaner production eliminates waste.
  • Optimize your processes. You’ll take advantage of missed opportunities as you discover more efficient ways to assemble your products. Our methods help foster continuous improvement.
  • Improves the Total Cost of Ownership. By revealing the hidden costs of your C-parts ecosystem Bossard can help you lower your cost of production.
  • Improves quality. You’ll discover how the correct fasteners improve the quality of your product.
  • Increases productivity. The right fastener can have a significant impact on tooling and assembly processes.

How It Works

ATE Expert Walk looks at every component of your assembly process from start to finish. We examine your workflow, observe its individual processes, and evaluate its effectiveness. We then determine where we can improve efficiency, cost, safety, and speed.

The actual steps involved depend on which of Bossard’s three service packages you choose.


The Basic Package covers Production Line and Value Analyses. We examine your entire production line systematically and verify your assembly workflow, which includes the assembly process, tooling, and fasteners. You gain valuable insight into the workflow of your facility. We also estimate the cost savings based on the Total Cost of Ownership.


The Advanced Package includes the Basic services but adds Verification. Technical Verification checks the technical improvements while developing solution proposals. The Presentation of Proposals then reveals the results, complete with physical samples.


The Superior Package adds implementation to the previously described services. The Implementation Plan sets up the team and project priorities, Lead Implementation guides the R&D engineering team during the implementation process, and Implementation Review incorporates training both on- and off-site.

Other ATE Services

Our Expert Walk is just one module from the following Assembly Technology Expert services, which are designed to boost your productivity.

  • Expert Education teaches you the essentials of fastening through e-learning and seminars.
  • Expert Teardown disassembles your product to analyze its complexity and functions.
  • Expert Design provides a range of tools and information to help you create your best product.
  • Expert Assortment Analysis looks for ways to streamline the elements needed for production to reduce complexity, speed assembly, and minimize cost.
  • Expert Test Services ensures that your products meet your quality requirements through the use of accredited procedures, certified equipment, and extensive laboratory experience.

If you have any questions about these modules, ATE Expert Walk, or want to implement it for your facility, please contact your local Bossard Agent.




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July 29, 2022

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