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Are Prints Needed for Fasteners?

What is a “special” fastener?  It is important to differentiate between standards and specials when identifying fasteners to be purchased or quoted.  If a fastener can be defined in a simple text description, it is not “special” and should not require a blueprint. See the following standard metric fastener description per ISO 8991:

Hexagon head bolt ISO 4014 – M12 x 80 – 8.8 – A2C

Customers will often create prints for fasteners and detail every dimension. This slows down the quoting process because every dimension has to be verified as “standard” or “special” by every manufacturer who looks at the print. Best practices for specials is to dimension only those items that are non-standard, and reference a dimensional standard for those items which are not special. For standard parts, a print is not needed, so save yourself the trouble and don’t make a print!

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Doug Jones
Applications Engineer

Email: djones@bossard.com

Are Prints Needed for Fasteners? by
January 12, 2018

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