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Applications for bigHead® Fasteners

bigHead® is one of the most sought-after fastening solutions available on the market, and with good reason. The range of applications for bigHead® fasteners continues to grow, in large part due to the changing needs of their customer base.

The versatility of their fasteners is one of the reasons that bigHead® has been solving fastening problems for more than 40 years. By developing reciprocal relationships with their loyal customers, this fastening brand has benefitted from the sharing of knowledge and applications. With bigHead®, the possibilities are almost endless.


bigHead® fasteners are integral parts of the manufacturing process for vans, trucks, train and even skateboards. This brand’s fasteners were vital in the creation of a new concept in boarding, with the front wheel pivoting on a molded-in bigHead® bonding fastener to allow for improved steering. These fasteners are also used in the manufacture of composite panels for trains, anchor points for the hardtop canopies of trucks and much more.


bigHead® fasteners and fittings were utilized in the laminated Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) products used to construct the clock dials in a clock tower. So whether you need to secure the position of a giant architectural sundial with stainless steel bonding fasteners or remove molds from cured concrete with minimal damage, bigHead® has the products necessary to complete the job.

General & Composites

bigHead® fasteners are also capable of being fitted for simpler applications, such as bath chairs, rock climbing walls and fire helmets. The sheer number of practical applications for these fasteners is difficult to measure because their products are always evolving to better serve the needs of their customers. The applications mentioned here are a small sample of what bigHead® fasteners are capable of, and that is a credit to the dedication of their engineers.

bigHead® understands that their customers are what help their business thrive, and their wide range of fastener applications is clear evidence of that understanding. To learn more about bigHead® fasteners and their applications, contact Bossard at ProvenProductivity@bossard.com.

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October 23, 2014

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