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All About Rivet Nut Tooling

As part of our commitment to adding value by delivering solutions to improve your productivity, this video introduces the rivet nut tool. Bossard’s North American Product Manager for Riveting and Clinching Technology demonstrates the advantages and use of this smart tool. This tool represents one of a series that includes tools for blind or POP® rivets, and torque drivers. All these tools operate on battery power to free you from cords and air hoses. This energy source lets you set up to 3,000 M6 rivet nuts on one charge. This rivet nut tool also operates faster than its air-hose counterpart. This can make a difference in productivity over many assemblies.

The smarts of the rivet nut tool come from its ability to track its use. It integrates a sensor that measures the force used to set each rivet nut with an accuracy of at least 99 percent. You can immediately check a green screen on the back of the tool to verify that the setting was successful.

Monitoring results displayed on a force-over-stroke curve is an option. Because you can program the tool with the included software, you can view and set acceptable limits for the tool. Those values are then assigned to an assembly serial number. Integrating an optional bar code scanner into the tool to read the number is possible. Several programs are then read into the tool and performed on the same workstation. An optional WiFi module can send data to a quality documentation computer without having to use cables and plugs.

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November 01, 2019

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