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How You Can Improve Your Lightweight Products with MultiMaterial-Welding

Transforming new ideas into real products takes knowledgeable skills, good materials, and, above all, the right tools to bring those ideas to fruition. While traditional bolting, welding, and riveting techniques offer proven results, the growing use of modern lightweight materials dictates a different approach with consideration towards product quality and production costs.

MM-Welding™ technology offers an innovative approach to fastening requirements for lightweight and multi-material designs. Using a combination of ultrasonic energy and thermoplastic elements, MM-Welding™ forms a friction-locked and form-fit bond in a variety of materials, from porous and sandwich materials to sheet metal structures, compression-molded components, and injection-molded parts.

Real-time production quality control is also made possible using MM-Welding™ SmartSolutions software. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and big data, SmartSolutions provides meaningful insight into the production chain. Cutting-edge simulation and development tools remove destructive testing from the equation.

Benefits of MM-Welding

MM-Welding™ technology offers a multitude of benefits for the modern production environment:

•    Faster than conventional fastening methods
•    Offers higher mechanical strength over conventional solutions
•    Eliminates gluing and pre-drilling from the production process
•    Provides greater flexibility and shape diversity
•    Offers integration into functional parts

MM-Welding™ allows for complete automation and simplification of the assembly system, resulting in faster and more economical production processes. With MM-Welding™ technology, you’ll see cost savings along the entire production chain.

MM-Welding Solutions

At the cornerstone of MM-Welding™ are the various forms used to join lightweight materials together. With a broad portfolio of innovative fastening solutions, MM-Welding™ can meet a vast range of fastening challenges.

•    LiteWWeight™ Pin – For sandwich materials
•    LiteWWeight™ Lotus – For non-woven materials
•    InWWerse™ Disc – Joining of non-compatible polymer parts
•    LiteWWeight™ Double Pin – For sandwich structures
•    LiteWWeight™ zEPP – For joining expanded polypropylene (EPP) foam parts

For more information on how you can leverage MM-Welding™ technology for your production processes, email us at ProvenProductivity@bossard.com.

How You Can Improve Your Lightweight Products with MultiMaterial-Welding by
November 20, 2020

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