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Advantages of BCT® Multigrip

BCT® stands for Bulge Control Technology. The idea behind this is a new construction of rivet nuts that better fit where you need them. BCT® has four cross holes on the shank, so it can control where the bulge starts to form. This allows for the best fitting into irregular holes.

The BCT®* Multigrip is a type of BCT® rivet nut. The Multigrip gives you a grip range that is much better than standard rivet nuts. In fact, the grip range is almost three times of a standard rivet nut. This allows one rivet nut to cover different grip ranges.

The importance of that lies with the cost savings and flexibility. The BCT® Multigrip can be used in applications where you would normally need several rivet nut sizes because of different material thicknesses. With the BCT® Multigrip, you don’t need all those other sizes; you can have a reduced rivet nut inventory which is more cost-effective for you. You can also have more design flexibility with the BCT® Multigrip because you won’t be forced into one thickness.

What is the best kind of application to use BCT® Multigrip? Well, these rivet nuts have controlled deformation of the bulge, so they can be used in many materials. They are ideal for application on thin materials or brittle and soft materials like plastic, rubber and composites.

With Bossard, you know it works well and hard for you. If you have questions specific to your project and how BCT® Multigrip can benefit you, contact us at ProvenProductivity@bossard.com.

*BCT is a registered trademark owned by BBA srl Italy

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August 19, 2016

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