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Advantages and Features of Bossard’s E-Commerce Website

It can be a lot of fun to browse through a physical catalog, turning pages to look for products as you sip coffee. But you don’t have that kind of time. When you need a fastener, rivet, or some other hardware that is critical to your assembly, you need it yesterday and in great quantities. Otherwise, production at your facility stops and your goods do not reach the customer on time.

To make searching for our products, ordering them, and receiving them easier, more efficient, and more cost-effective, Bossard has developed an e-commerce site. You can access the site on any desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone wherever you are if you have an Internet connection.

You can begin your search by choosing from large categories or manufacturers and then refining your choice into smaller categories before you reach the main catalog page. You can then page through or filter the available products and either click on a specific item for more information or enter the number of items you want and add them to the shopping cart. When you’re ready to check out, click the Shopping Cart icon in the upper right and enter your delivery details as well as payment information.

If you need more information or have a question, you have two ways to contact us.

  • If you need an answer now, use the Welcome to LiveChat window to type a message. A live support agent can respond immediately.
  • If you’d rather look at the answer later, you can also leave us an email message and we’ll respond in kind. This method does require that you leave more details about who you are such as your name, email address, company, location, and phone number. This lets us know who you are, so we can tailor our response more accurately.

For questions or more information about Bossard’s e-commerce site, reach out to us at ProvenProductivity@bossard.com.

Advantages and Features of Bossard’s E-Commerce Website by
December 27, 2019

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