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4 Key Types of EMI/RF Shielding Solutions for Electronic Applications

Anytime electromagnetic waves are flowing, your most important devices and the lives of those who rely on them could be at risk. Electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency (RF) interference are both types of interference that can be extremely hazardous to the performance of electronic equipment. To prevent this, the experienced engineers of Bossard offer coordinated systems that can help establish and amplify your EMI defenses. 

We offer a vast range of EMI/RF gaskets and shielding products from industry-leading brands. Because we offer experience in an array of industries, including Electric Vehicle, Aerospace, and Telecom, we can help protect your electronic devices with a wide selection of metal gaskets, absorbers, sealing gaskets, and even fabric over foam conductive shielding. Let’s take a closer look at some of our most popular solutions. 

A Full Line of EMI & RF Absorbers

Absorbers are magnetically loaded sheets that boast a high loss at specific frequencies. Easy on any budget and fully customizable, most RF absorbers fight reflectively using lightweight and flexible polyurethane foam. Bossard offers a full line of broadband microwave absorbers designed for both military applications and commercial applications. Our microwave absorbers are often used in:

  • Antenna systems
  • Railroad and Mass Transit
  • Medical Equipment
  • Electronic cabinets
  • Electric Vehicle
  • Avionics
  • And more

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EMI Shielding & EMI Gaskets

While EMI gaskets were previously reserved for radio communication and military equipment, they are now found in an array of electronic equipment. Most notably in the emerging EV market where densely packed electronics and sensors need to be protected from crosstalk.  EMI gaskets function by creating a conductive path along seams and other openings in an electronic enclosure. The covering works to block possible differences across the shield surface and establishes a smooth flow of current.

In the most simple sense, EMI gaskets plug all holes in a piece of equipment to prevent electromagnetic signals from interfering with the operation. At Bossard, our EMI gaskets are ideal as all-purpose contact strips for electrical enclosures. Best of all, EMI gaskets do not require adhesives and fasteners. 

Explore all EMI shielding and EMI gaskets.

Foam-over-Fabric Gaskets

Foam-over-fabric (FoF) EMI gaskets boast high shielding attenuation and conductivity. FoF gaskets are perfectly suitable for applications that require low compression force. The FoF profiles are offered in a UL 94V0 flame retardant iteration that boasts a high level of shear resistance and abrasion resistance.

Common applications for FoF EMI gaskets include grounding and shielding automotive electronic equipment seams and apertures. At Bossard, we offer a vast range of different shapes and thicknesses of FoF gaskets to meet any design need. Custom shapes and sizes can be engineered to meet the unique requirements of the application, along with the addition of special-purpose pressure-sensitive adhesives and more.

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EMI/RF Sealing Gaskets

As the name suggests, the most important function of EMI/RF sealing gaskets is sealing. These gaskets are designed to protect a vast range of electronics from electromagnetic interference. And certain models of EMI/RF sealing gaskets can even establish a liquid-tight seal. In either case, sealing gaskets are available in a vast range of types and styles, including:

  1. Push-On Sealing Gasket by Essentra
  2. The stainless steel Liquid Tight Sealing Gasket by Thomas & Betts

Learn more about different Sealing Gaskets.

Contact Bossard Today

Proper EMI design considerations are vital for almost any electronic device. There are a myriad of EMI sources and receptors in the broader environment in which the device must operate. Fortunately, the engineering experts at Bossard can help. We offer decades of experience in engineering and helping manufacturers mitigate the harmful impacts of EMI and RF interference with their respective devices. 

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August 12, 2022

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