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4 Essential Steps to Choosing a Fastener Finish

When choosing a fastener finish, there are many factors to be considered. But if you follow these four essential steps, finding the perfect fastener finish becomes much easier.

  1. Corrosion resistance
    The necessary corrosion resistance depends on the operating environment of your product. Is the product protected from the elements, or is it exposed to moisture or weather changes? Industrial or agricultural environments where dirt, debris, or chemicals encounter fasteners can also be a factor.


  1. Friction control
    Friction control is often overlooked when choosing a fastener finish, but it is a key component. If you don’t know the friction of your fastener finish, then you don’t know how much torque to apply to the joint to achieve your desired clamp load. Using torque values from a chart can be dangerous and lead to premature joint failure.


  1. Current regulations
    Recent regulations on chemicals such as hexavalent chromium have also dramatically changed the composition of fastener finishes over the past five to ten years. Your industry may not require compliance to RoHS or WEEE regulations, but there is a good chance that your fastener finish is different than it was ten years ago. Know the difference and how it affects your end product.


  1. Cost
    Finally, cost is always a factor. A lot of designer finishes exist out there to address all of your concerns, but you will pay for the technology. Educate yourself on the actual needs of your design and what is available. Then, you should be able to arrive at the proper finish for your product.

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Doug Jones
Applications Engineer

4 Essential Steps to Choosing a Fastener Finish by
August 25, 2017

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