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Industrial Revolution: Before and After

The terms “Industry 3.0” and “Industry 4.0” are quite common in manufacturing circles with the latter representing the next evolution in manufacturing. How Industry 4.0 relates to Industry 3.0 and its impact on production processes is the key topic in today’s blog post. 

Before Industry 4.0

So far, there have been four major revolutions in industrial output, starting with the first industrial revolution in the 18th century and the advent of water and steam as a revolutionizing force in mechanical production. The second industrial revolution of the 19th century brought electricity as the driving force behind mass production via the assembly line. The third industrial revolution, also known as Industry 3.0, harnessed advances in Information Technology and electronics to drive automate processes

Each Industrial Revolution followed with it an escalation in automation, culminating in the current state of autonomy. While the automated processes of Industry 3.0 operate largely without human input, they still rely on human controllers to facilitate certain functions essential for continued production. 

The Age of Industry 4.0

The fourth industrial revolution or “Industry 4.0” brings with it a quantum leap in automation and connectivity. By harnessing artificial intelligence, cloud computing, advanced robotics and other smart technologies capable of exchanging and interpreting big data, Industry 4.0 aims to transform manufacturing processes, resulting in reduced costs, increased productivity and improvements in efficiency.  

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June 19, 2020

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