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How to Increase Manufacturing Efficiency with Bossard Expert Walk

Improvements in manufacturing efficiency are wherever you can find them, especially when your product relies on having the right kind of fasteners. A simple walk-through can reveal areas that are not only ripe for improvement, but also profitable to do so. This is where Bossard Expert Walk comes into play.

Based on Gemba walk, Walk-the-Line, and other industry-standard processes, Bossard Expert Walk gives you precise insight on what goes on in the manufacturing process while pinpointing areas for improvement.

Expert Walk begins with a walkthrough of your entire manufacturing process, conducted by one of our Bossard team members and accompanied by one or more front-line workers and engineers. Our Bossard representative performs an in-depth inspection of your assembly lines and workstations to optimize current processes and tools.

By optimizing fastener integration, Bossard Expert Walk brings increased productivity to the manufacturing process while offering quality improvements and a lower Total Cost of Ownership. Bossard offers three service packages that deliver varying levels of optimization:

•    Basic – Focused on Analysis, our experts perform an in-depth examination of the production line, verifying assembly processes and technology while estimating potential cost savings of any improvements based on Total Cost of Ownership
•    Advanced – In addition to performing basic services, our experts focus on Verification, verifying the potential for technical improvements while developing proposals for new and proven solutions. We’ll also provide a detailed technical report along with physical samples.
•    Superior – We build upon our basic and advanced services with Implementation, starting with an implementation plan that sets up the project team and priority goals. Our experts lead the implementation and R&D engineering during proposals, as well as on-site and off-site training.  Finding the right fastener solutions is just one part of making your manufacturing more efficient. Email us at ProvenProductivity@bossard.com and see for yourself how our Expert Walk can help deliver the results your company desires.

How to Increase Manufacturing Efficiency with Bossard Expert Walk by
October 09, 2020

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