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Bossard Expands Partnership with PennEngineering

Working to strengthen offerings to current and potential clients, Bossard recently expanded a business relationship with PennEngineering.

 Already involved in a successful collaboration with PennEngineering (PEM), this new business partnership will expand to Italy, Sweden and Denmark, making Bossard the biggest European distributor of PEM products. With this partnership, Bossard now serves Europe, Asia and North America.

Both working on a truly global scale, the partnership between Bossard and PEM works well and benefits both organizations. Based in Pennsylvania, PEM specializes in providing fastening solutions to a similar client base as Bossard. Especially known for its self-clinching fasteners, PEM has created a product that makes the connection between ultra-thin and ultra-light metals possible. These fasteners have made a big name for themselves and are in high demand as they are used in a wide variety of applications in many industries including aircraft and car manufacturing, computers, telecommunications and more.

PEM will continue to be a strong business partner for Bossard. Known for their continued innovation and strength in specific areas of application, PEM has a solid reputation and a host of resources that combine to benefit Bossard’s client needs. Since its origin in 1942, PennEngineering has been headquartered in Danboro, PA. PEM works to provide product solutions and fastener installation design solutions to a wide variety of industries worldwide including telecommunications, automotive, aerospace, general manufacturing and electronics.

PennEngineering products include:

aeroPEM™ – These quality fasteners are used mainly for aerospace/aircraft industries around the world.

ATLAS®– These blind threaded rivets offer robust and reusable lasting threads in sheet materials where only one side can be accessed.

PEM® – Perhaps the most well-known PennEngineering product, these fasteners employ self-clinching, flaring, surface mounting and broaching as well as weld technology to deliver durable, permanent threads and mounting points even in thin sheet metal.

PEMSERTER® Presses– These presses work quickly, safely and accurately to install PEM fasteners. This fastening technology can handle simple to the most complex installation.

SI® Brand Inserts– These inserts utilize either molded-in, press-in, or heat installation. Commonly used in plastic materials, these inserts provide strong, reusable, permanent threads.

STICKSCREW® System– This system works to install small fasteners and helps to eliminate loose hardware and expensive screw handling equipment.

pennTool™ Group – The PennTool™ Group works to provide cost effective, quality machine parts and fastening solutions for a variety of industries.

As Bossard works to gain further market share in technically challenging areas, partnerships such as this can benefit all parties involved, ending with a better experience and more extensive resources to pass along to the client for increased productivity. A seamless blend of two globally minded companies, the partnership between Bossard and PEM will grow to offer clients continued innovative fastening solutions.

To learn more about the Expanding Partnership with PennEngineering, contact Bossard at ProvenProductivity@bossard.com.

Bossard Expands Partnership with PennEngineering by
July 30, 2014

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